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Plato wrote: “And therefore if the head and the body are to be well, you must begin by curing the soul; that is the first thing.” In that spirit Soul Rider teams modernize the many ancient, tried and true techniques of soulcrafting. Soul Rider’s directors and advisors each have long expertise in the myriad, practical applications of soulcrafting in their own professional fields. Thus we enjoy simpatico collaborations in fields of expertise which include financial forecasting, statistical theory and practice, sociocultural and psychological health, Gaia theory, scientific researches in psychology, research in antiquities, and scientific awareness of the ubiquitous, vital energetic connections of nonlocal consciousness.

Michael D. Austin

The Soul Rider LLC and private financial forecasting fund founder Michael D. Austin, B.A. is a cross-disciplinary, collaborative, strategic manager with 3+ decades of firsts as a guiding hand for positive impacts in fields which include:  3D printing, telerobotics, museum-quality animation fine art collections and publishing, industry conferences in insurance and academia, management and staff trainings in both for-profits and nonprofits, all-positive talk broadcasting, computer LAN management, and Egyptian antiquities.

Soul Rider is discussed in the book The Premonition Code, subtitled, “The Science of Precognition: How Sensing the Future Can Change Your Life”.  Mr. Austin’s professional background includes the 3D printing and robotics company he co-founded, Hardshell Labs, which is discussed in the 2017 Autodesk book, The Future of Making. Hardshell’s leading edge research and activities earned it coverage in worldwide media which include the BBC’s World Update, Italy’s La Repubblica, Audubon magazine, Vice’s Motherboard, Smithsonian, CNN Digital and FastCompany.

Mr. Austin is a pro bono advisor to the nonprofit INSIGHT (Institute for the Study and Integration of Graphical Heritage Techniques) in its mission to expand, “… computer vision techniques to the work of archaeologists and other researchers in the disciplines that comprise the world heritage field.” INSIGHT has collaborated on projects which include digital reconstructions of ancient world heritage sites at Chichén-Itzá on Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula, and ancient Egyptian quarries in Aswan and Gebel el Silsilah. He is a lifelong meditator of 7,000+ hours’ experience, with four decades amid a broad variety of professional projects applying his expert appreciation of nonlocal consciousness. In 2016 and 2017 two different neurophysiologists who are both credentialed Ph.Ds. showed in two, separate research sessions that Michael has scientifically-demonstrable skills as a clairvoyant, healer and empath. For fun accessible to a wide audience he authors the often tongue-in-cheek Nonlocal Consciousness page on facebook.

For two years Michael’s voice was heard around the world in 108 nations on a network of 3,000,000 monthly listeners for his Blue Planet Almanac talk magazine and his News@7 Environmental Super Segments. He penned a chapter in the 2016 book, The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder, and a research essay on Gaia consciousness, Dreaming Earth, for the 2012 Consciousness & Development 2.0 issue of the peer-reviewed Spanda Foundation Journal.

Mr. Austin first formalized his scholarly lens on religious and environmental studies in his 20s as a University of California undergraduate, when he researched, wrote about, and experienced ancient traditions in consciousness including those found in the ‘Vibhuti Pada’. This is the third book of Patañjali’s venerable Yoga Sutras, which discusses aphorisms on supernormal experiences to seekers of yogic consciousness.

Martin Rosenblatt

Private financial forecasting fund co-founder and remote viewing manager, Investment Manager and Sub-Advisor, Martin Rosenblatt, M.S. is an advanced computational mathematician and physicist of four decades’ management experience. Marty’s nonprofit Applied Precognition Project Institute Inc. (APPI) was founded in 2014 and stages Soul Rider private fund forecasts and trades. Since 1998 when Marty founded Physics-Intuition-Applications he has continuously refined his teams’ methods in Associative Remote Viewing and combined them with his proprietary mathematical forecasts in world financial markets. APPI’s Precog Pro Remote Viewers are among the very few English-speakers on the planet who have advanced consistent, long-term gains in world and US financial markets. 

From its 2012 founding Marty has also been managing member and COO of the for-profit Applied Precognition Project LLC (APP). Marty directs APP’s two annual workshops and webinars on financial Remote Viewing, precognition and consciousness, which feature renowned experts in both Remote Viewing and consciousness. In circles of scientists and practitioners Marty is widely respected for his methods in Intuitive Intelligence and Associative Remote Viewing, the same methods used in the forecasting and prediction of future financial events by his teams of Remote Viewers. APP has built and maintain good collaborations with the International Remote Viewing Association, Monroe Institute, and Rhine Research Center.

Marty had co-founded other especially successful companies in advanced computational mathematics which include California Research and Technology Inc. in 1972. In 1994 he was co-founder, CEO, and senior staff scientist of PhysiComp Corporation and its EMANATE internet subsidiary. He writes an online educational magazine, Connections Through Time. Marty received both his B.A. (1964) and M.S. (1966) in Physics from University of California, Los Angeles.

Stanley Krippner

Soul Rider scientific, psychology, and remote viewing advisor Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. is a grand master psychologist, researcher and teacher in consciousness. Dr. Krippner is a professor of psychology at Saybrook University, is a Fellow in five APA divisions, and past-president of two divisions. Formerly he was director of the Kent State University Child Study Center, Kent OH, and the Maimonides Medical Center Dream Research Laboratory, in Brooklyn NY.

He is co-author of Extraordinary Dreams (SUNY, 2002), The Mythic Path, 3rd ed. (Energy Psychology Press, 2006), and Haunted by Combat: Understanding PTSD in War Veterans (Greenwood, 2007), and co-editor of Healing Tales (Puente, 2007), Healing Stories (Puente, 2007), The Psychological Impact of War on Civilians: An International Perspective (Greenwood, 2003), Varieties of Anomalous Experience: Examining the Scientific Evidence (APA, 2014), and many other books.

Dr. Krippner has conducted widely renowned workshops and seminars on dreams and/or hypnosis in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Cuba, Cyprus, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, the Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Venezuela, and at the last four congresses of the Interamerican Psychological Association.

He is a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Indian Psychology and Revista Argentina de Psicologia Paranormal, and the advisory board for International School for Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Group Leadership (St. Petersburg) and the Czech Unitaria (Prague).

Dr. Krippner holds faculty appointments at the Universidade Holistica Internacional (Brasilia) and the Instituto de Medicina y Tecnologia Avanzada de la Conducta (Ciudad Juarez).

He has given invited addresses for the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, and the School for Diplomatic Studies, Montevideo, Uruguay. He is a Fellow of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, and has published cross-cultural studies on spiritual content in dreams.

Dean Radin

Soul Rider scientific advisor, Dean Radin, Ph.D., has been engaged in research on the frontiers of consciousness for over three decades. As an independent advisor to Soul Rider, Dean is also Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) and Associated Distinguished Professor of Integral and Transpersonal Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

Dr. Radin’s invited talks in industry have included Merck, Google, Johnson & Johnson, and Rabobank. His government talks have included the US Navy, US Army, the Naval Postgraduate School, DARPA, the Indian Council of Philosophical Research (India), the International Center for Leadership and Governance (Malaysia), and the Australian Leadership Retreat (Australia). In 2017 he was named one of the 100 most inspiring people in the world by the German magazine, OOOM, and as of 2018 his filmography on IMDB lists 18 documentaries in which he has appeared.

He is author or coauthor of hundreds of scientific, technical, and popular articles, four dozen book chapters, and four popular books including the Scientific and Medical Network’s 1997 book award, The Conscious Universe (HarperOne, 1997), Entangled Minds (Simon & Schuster, 2006), a 2014 Silver Nautilus Book Award, Supernormal (Random House, 2013), and Real Magic (Penguin Random House, 2018). Supernormal and Real Magic are available as paperback, e-books, and audio books. These books have been translated into French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Latvian, Turkish, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic.

His 90+ academic articles appear in peer-reviewed journals ranging from Foundations of Physics and Physics Essays to Psychological Bulletin, Psychology of Consciousness, and Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. A profile of his work was featured in a New York Times Magazine article and he has been interviewed by dozens of television programs worldwide. His 400+ talks have included presentations at Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, Princeton, Columbia, University of San Diego, University of Minnesota, University of California at Davis and Irvine, Wake Forest University, Virginia Tech, Northern Arizona University, Louisiana State University, University of Amsterdam, University of Paris, University of Padova, University of Allahabad, Andhra University, and University of British Columbia.

Dean’s original career track as a concert violinist shifted into science after earning a BSEE degree in electrical engineering, magna cum laude and with honors in physics, from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and then an MS in electrical engineering and a PhD in psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. For a decade he worked on advanced research and development at AT&T Bell Laboratories and GTE Laboratories. Before joining the research staff at IONS in 2001, he held appointments at Princeton University, SRI International, and other academic and industrial facilities.

Soul Rider financial trading advisor Michael Duane Archer continues to be fascinated by worldwide financial markets after his 45 distinguished years among them as trading house owner, trader, and computerized financial programming systems designer. He has worn many hats and has seen, as he says, “just about everything!” He estimates his single biggest financial project to date was his trading a total of $20M in assets over 7 years for gains averaging 48% annually, and compounded during that time.

He has conducted research on synthetic currencies using the new correlation techniques of T-Sets and Vectoring. He has lectured on AI (artificial intelligence) in the context of expert financial systems and cellular automata applied to trading. Before the Internet was even a thing on the public’s mind, in 1991 at the University of Chicago’s Artificial Intelligence Symposium he presented about trading commodities using expert systems.

At the University of Chemnitz’s Ninth annual Conference on Machine Learning in 1997 in Chemnitz, Germany, he presented about using binary cellular automata (CA) to trade currencies. And at the 14th workshop of the International Federation for Information Processing’s Automata 2008 conference in the Bristol, England he presented, A Simple Cellular Automata Model for FX Market Forecasting about his new program using binary CA to forecast currency prices and that paper is available by request at ResearchGate.

In 1972-1976 Archer became one of the first people to develop and test financial trading systems using a then state-of-the-art Data General Nova scientific minicomputer at University of Colorado’s Physics Department. He has programmed in Smalltalk, Prolog and Visual Basic.

In the early 1980s as a commodity trading advisor (CTA), Archer wrote and refined a computer program acknowledged as the first successful application of artificial intelligence (AI) to commodity and currency trading on the planet: his proprietary “Jonathan’s Wave” expert system which was completed in 1986. Jonathan’s Wave is also one of the earliest uses of what is now referred to as ‘algorithmic trading’.

Harvey Newquist, considered by many as an early dean of AI, described Jonathan’s Wave in July 1988 (in Newquist’s magazine “AI Expert:  The Magazine of Artificial Intelligence in Practice”) as a combination expert system and neural network of a type not ‘officially’ developed until the early 1990’s. Jonathan’s Wave was featured twice in Futures magazine (July 1987, July 1988), as well as in Registered Representative and Financial Planner magazine. Jonathan’s Wave was researched and executed using three microcomputers at Superfund, Commodities Corporation, Refco and other companies.

Using Goodman Wave Theory as its main theoretical and knowledge base, Jonathan’s Wave computer programs generated an average 48% ROI with extremely conservative risk parameters, and a high Sharpe Ratio, with $20M in assets under Michael’s management. Jonathan’s Wave is also surmised to have been one of the earliest uses of what is now referred to as ‘algorithmic trading’.

Archer published the Artificial Intelligence Timing Letter for investors from 1984-1986.

Inspired by an idea from his cherished mentor, Charlie Goodman, Archer also developed his Market Environments methodology (ME) during 1985-2009, which evaluates financial trading performances. Using his ME he has been very successful in predicting the successes or failure of numerous trading systems.

Archer is an accomplished author on financial trading. First launched in 2005 by the venerable John Wiley & Sons, academic publishers of books, journals and encyclopedias, he has authored and co-authored paperback, hardback and Kindle books. His editions on his methods and practices in currency trading and Forex include:

The most popular of these titles, “Getting Started in Currency Trading”, has been through four editions and a fifth is planned for 2019.

Michael started his financial trading career in 1973 under the wing of a renowned financial trader from Eads, Colorado, Charles B. Goodman. Michael’s compendium of Charlie’s expert teachings in Kindle books present and refine his mentor’s methods and are called, “Goodman Wave Theory”. Michael eagerly absorbed Charlie’s Goodman Wave Theory with its holistic approach to financial trading, and he then began successfully applying it very successfully to the trading of stocks, commodities and Forex. Archer’s Goodman Wave Theory books are:

In the time-honored style of a teacher selecting a favorite student for his most valuable knowledge and insights, Mr. Goodman taught his financial trading methods to only Michael. Although having more than one personal skill set is now desirable in our day and age, Goodman also maintained a distinct but separate and accessible, informal practice in which he provided personalized intuitive advice from his Heart. Charlie thus counseled hundreds of people in many evenings from his favorite Eads coffee shop.

Archer’s skills at financial trading success became well-known over the next few years, and management brokers soon began promoting him and bringing new clients’ capital into Archer’s trade management services. Thus Archer has often been registered as a CTA, CPO and an SEC Investment Advisor.

Archer moved then to Hawaii where he co-owned a commodity brokerage house between 1980 and 1985 for Heinold Commodities, the world’s largest futures broker-dealer company of its time.

Passing along the expertise he first learned with initial coaching from his long-time friend and mentor, Goodman, Archer conducted his own mentoring program from 1998 to 2015. He taught over 100 hand-selected students the Goodman Wave Theory passed down to him by Charlie.

Archer has called Colorado home for decades, and now lives in Golden and Steamboat Springs. He is married, and has four grown children and eight grandchildren.

Nikhil Jacob

Soul Rider crypto-assets investments advisor Nikhil Jacob, M.B.A., is an experienced finance manager with 11 solid years of progressive roles in emerging financial industries, as Chief Financial Officer, Fund Principal, Portfolio Manager, Research Analyst, and Senior Auditor. From startups to Fortune 500s and investment funds in more than 60 countries, Mr. Jacob established early successes to build financial and operational competencies within high performance organizations.

As the Vice President at his boutique investment firm in Los Angeles, Vin Prime Capital, Mr. Jacob constructed and managed a proprietary index fund to capture 90% of market capitalization within a basket of the top 20 cryptocurrencies, designed to deliver risk-adjusted beta to Bitcoin performance. For the venture capital arm of the fund, he managed a portfolio of blockchain-enabled projects across protocol infrastructures and emerging technologies including cybersecurity, IoT, quantum computing, AI, B2C platforms, big data, scaling, privacy, and distributed computing.

Within the rigors of multi-strategy investment funds, his prior role at top consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) was Emerging Technologies Portfolio Manager. In this role Mr. Jacob managed a global portfolio of early-stage ventures (Seed to Series-A) across the industries of energy distribution, big data, B2C platforms, and health care. He also developed an investment framework for internally-developed ventures which coached internal talent on venture life cycle, key investment criteria, investor considerations, unit economics, and hypergrowth.

As a daily yoga and meditation practitioner of 15 years’ experience, Mr. Jacob believes that tapping into inner consciousness can enable new modalities for all learning with practical applications, well beyond the capabilities of narrowly-focused intellect and logic. He appreciates that this inner awareness is encouraged by stillness and meditation, and that the higher self can guide the mind to new sources of creativity and inspiration for continual growth. These things drew Mr. Jacob to the methods of remote viewing, which consistently transcend intellectually-limited methods of technology for deployment in fund management.

Beyond finance and innovation, Mr. Jacob has a passion for nature and culture through photography, travel, and fitness. He has traveled and worked in 60+ nations. Mr. Jacob received his M.B.A. from INSEAD Singapore, and his B.A. in International Management from Pepperdine University.

Soul Rider scientific advisor emerita Julia Mossbridge, M.A. & Ph.D. is Director of the Innovation Lab at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the Lead Robot Psychologist and Executive Coach at Hanson Robotics, a Visiting Scholar in the Psychology Department at Northwestern University, the Science Director at Focus@Will Labs, and an Associated Professor in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Dr. Mossbridge’s focus is on teaching and learning about love and time, and she pursues this focus by speaking and writing widely about them, leading projects, conducting research, and coaching technology executives and engineers. Her research and study in the science of precognition is discussed in a 2018 book she co-authored with Theresa Cheung, The Premonition Code.

She is currently engaged in four love-centered projects: 1) LOVING AIs, a project designed to bring unconditional love into artificial intelligence (especially artificial general intelligence) which is also an entrant in the IBM Watson Xprize competition, 2) a project in which she is examining whether hypnosis can be used to induce a state of unconditional love, 3) The Calling, her new book project about how love gets translated into life purpose, and 4) consciously bringing unconditional love into the lives of the tech workers and executives she coaches.

Dr. Mossbridge’s interest in how time is perceived by unconscious and conscious processes has led her to examine aspects of both cognitive and perceptual timing as well as controversial reverse-temporal effects (covered in ABC News 20/20, Wall Street Journal Ideas Market, Fox News and other mainstream media outlets). She is also the 2014 winner of the Charles Honorton Integrative Contributions award for this work.

Her Ph.D. in Communication Sciences and Disorders is from Northwestern University, her M.A. in Neuroscience is from the University of California at San Francisco, and she received her B.A. from Oberlin College.