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A unique cross-disciplinary, strategic, seasoned innovative entrepreneur with 3 decades of firsts as a guiding hand to positive impacts in fields including:
3D Printing
Mike has guided and advised 3D printing and discussions in: Field Research Biology for the 1st-ever, truly accurate Desert tortoise shell reproductions; presentation of Heritage Antiquities found at renowned archaeological research sites; and presentation and promotion of ancient Egyptian sarcophagi held by a U.S. university’s museum and used in its museum conservation programs
Applied Research in Mobile, Video Games and Monetization
Mike is first funder and founder of the new platform, ThoughtifyTM, which will collect and leverage crowd sourced intuition into actionable forecasts and predictions. Separately he catalyzed and guided the creation of mobile video games for environmental conservation of endangered species in collaboration with a renowned media arts college.
Museum-quality Animation Fine Art Collections & Publishing
Mike was a prime marketer, development strategist, distribution consultant and technologist for two different animation art galleries. One of the galleries held one of only two Warner Bros.® animation art publication licenses in existence at that time. The 2nd of the galleries expanded from having collectors in only the US, to having clients in 3 other countries because his marketing. His internet division closed 35% of its leads
Business Computer Network Management
Built and managed for 12 years a multi-user computer network of mixed operating systems, including all software; firewall systems and appliances; contact management programs; art image inventory databases; collector management software including back-end accounting systems; software patching servers; and management of contracting programmers
Environmental Conservation & Telerobotics
Mike co-founded and exited the organization which is preventing the extinction in the wild of the Desert tortoise, was a pivotal team member in its public TEDx debut of its internet-controlled Guardian AngelTM Rover, and guided the commission and TEDx debut of the company’s 1st video game. He also was first funder of an ambitious environmental advertising startup aiming to use crowd sourcing to influence corporate advertisers’ content, their media buys, and to change the evolution of their marketing to consumers of environmental messaging
Preservation of Heritage Antiquities, including Egypt
Mike represented a large, private collection of 18th Dynasty Egyptian statuary, with complex research and planning for its sale to wealthy collectors, and its prospective repatriation. Funding of excellent research on world heritage sites has languished, so he conceived marketing and blockchain strategies to create fractional ownership for research supporters to fund continuing research in projects including those at: The Ramesseum and Gebel el Sisileh, Egypt; Delphi, Greece; Chichén Itzá, Mexico; Mesa Verde, USA; and Çatalhöyük, Turkey.
Industry Conferences in Insurance & Academia
Management and staff trainings in for-profits and nonprofits
Automobile Road Racing
Mike was marketing publicist for prominent, national off-road racing organization -- in addition to running his own performance car in hot demonstration laps at triple-digit speeds on road racing tracks, with thrilled racers and prospective racers in his car’s passenger seat

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ABOUT Michael D. Austin

Unique Board Advisor and Director for Special Companies of 7 and 8 Figure Valuations

Co-founder, director, and first funder of ThoughtifyTM, a new worldwide events forecasting platform in mobile crowd sourcing, scheduled to be beta tested in August 2022
Directing founder of a private fund using crowd sourced forecasts, and its management company’s methods are mentioned in the 2018 scientific book The Premonition Code
After 38 years his Soul Rider team resuscitated a long-dead forensic archaeological project, which aimed to test ancient remains which could be those of a worldwide, household name

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