Soul Rider All-Stars

The Soul Rider Fund LP employs the expertise and talents of its remote viewing All-Stars, who are precognitives with world-class skills and records. Our All-Star remote viewers’ records consistently show between 65% and 75% accuracy in predicting future targets selected at random for them by computer.

Are you especially and unusually precognitive? If so, and if you’d be interested in becoming a remote viewer with our very special financial forecasting fund please now get in touch with founder Michael Austin. We also enjoy hearing from clear-eyed independent judges who are new to us, who team with our All-Star viewers. Of course you can also refer your highly skilled friends to us.

Our All-Star viewers and judges work when they like, in time agreements ranging from one hour to five hours per week. Our viewers also take time off from their viewing or judging activities to keep what they do fresh and fun. And nowadays we work together easily from anywhere on Earth.

Let’s now trade thumbnail backgrounds and get to know a little something about each other? If you’ve already written a thumbnail bio for yourself, you could now e-mail that to Michael. You’d then talk by phone or vid call with him. Michael’s shorter bio is here. Thank you and we look forward to talking with you!

The Soul Rider Fund LP is directed by and was founded by The Soul Rider LLC.