(Fairly) New Experiments Show Consciousness Affects Matter

Soul Rider science advisor Dean Radin discusses newer experiments in how consciousness affects matter. This address came from the 2016 Science of Consciousness conference at Arizona State University. About this vid he wrote this January:

“This talk from 2016 is approaching a million views. Updates on this line of work include (a) replications from physicist Gabriel Guerrer, who has an article on this work presently under review by a journal, and (b) an independent reanalysis of two years of data from our online double-slit experiment by a French physicist, which is also under review by a journal.

In both cases, they report anomalies in alignment with what we’ve been observing, namely that something unexpected (according to conventional expectations) is going on in these experiments that appears to be associated with conscious intention.

We’ve since built a new double-slit system and are continuing these experiments. We’re using what we hope is a more sensitive way to detect the effect. We’ve completed the first experiment with very good results, but as always, we’ll gain confidence only if we see further successful replications. So further experiments will be underway soon (all in the lab, no online experiments are planned for now).”