The 2nd Remote Viewing Test

Kate was so full of thoughts and emotions that it took a while for her to register the buzzing sound in her handbag. She had no idea how many times her phone vibrated before she started digging for it.

She didn’t know the number, and but she quickly answered it. “Hello?”

“Miss Holt,” the man on the other line said. “I have a single question for you: Where am I?”

Taken aback, Kate was silent for a few moments. “E—excuse me?”

“You heard me. Where am I?”

“Is this a joke?” She was tempted to hang up the phone.

“No, I assure you, it isn’t. This is a test. Surely you didn’t think Mrs. Neilson would hand you the job so easily.”

The elevator beeped as it got to the ground floor.

“You have fifteen minutes, Miss Holt. Where am I?” He hung up.

Another test? Kate groaned. She wondered if Heather Neilson was so ruthless when it came to every job opportunity she provided.

With a sigh, she stepped to a seat she saw when she had first entered the building.

Closing her eyes, she thought about what she knew about her mystery caller. He had a deep voice. He sounded middle-aged. He had a slight accent that she had a hard time placing at first, but soon realized she’d heard it on TV a few times: Japanese? Chinese?

He worked for Mrs. Neilson. Maybe he was in this building? Or her other, smaller office building across town?

She took a notepad and pen from her handbag, and sat for a while, steadying her mind.

How much time do I have left?

Quiet, Kate. Just calm your mind.

And… see.

She closed her eyes and peered through her mind. She knew she had to look back in order to see what she wanted.

A man on the phone. So many of them. Which one was it? No. Further back. A woman on the phone. Talking to a man. Instructions. Traffic light. A car. She couldn’t see the make or model, not that she’d know it if she saw it. An intersection. She knew it. She’d passed it. More cars.

Nothing more.

She opened her eyes. Scanning her notes, she studied the memory of what she’d seen. After a few tense moments, she called back the number.

“Greetings, Miss Holt. Do you have the answer?”

Not missing a beat, Kate said, “You’re parked a few blocks away. Can’t remember what the name the store is called, but you’re parked at the corner of John and William St.”

He chuckled. It was nasally, almost unnoticeable. “Well done, Miss Holt. I will give my report to Mrs. Neilson. I’m sure you will be a great asset. Have a nice day.”

A slow, steadying breath escaped her. Still, she couldn’t help but smile.

NOW comes the real remote viewing test for you! What is the name of the store the caller is parked next to?

Store Name RVER Test