remote viewing jobs

remote viewing jobs making market predictions at the Soul Rider Fund LLCYou’ve landed at this page because you’re either wanting paid remote viewing jobs or work as a sessions judge, or maybe you’re instead happily surprised to find out that such a role already exists. Well, there have been professional remote viewers and sessions judges for a very, very long time.

Soul Rider LLC is one of the precious few companies on Earth which works with remote viewers from all over and skill levels. And we are grateful to work with many of the best. We also partner with some of the oldest, longest running companies which conduct professional remote viewings.

Would you like to consider working with us as a professional remote viewer or professional sessions judge? Read more to find out about our remote viewing jobs.

Here are sampling of the principles of mind and life by which we work on our remote viewings:

  1. Remote viewing and its judging is significantly less complex than most believe. They are often significantly easier to do than most think.
  2. Work in hours you choose. One to five 10 weekly as you like.
  3. Work from anywhere on Earth where you have an internet connection.
  4. Earn excellent pay for excellent part-time work.
  5. Work with a long-running, high-minded remote viewing company and some of the most socially-responsible managers on the planet.
  6. We’re advised by both experienced and venerable lights in consciousness.
  7. Work in the coherent energy of other birds of your feather.
  8. Emphasize the use of your skills, instead of being a laboratory rat who validates someone else’s ideas in scientific research. It’s great to have it sometimes, but you don’t always need a scientist to tell you that what you do and experience is quite real.
  9. Be who you are:  transcend time and space in your birthright of your own spacious awareness.
  10. Expand your spacious sense of Self by doing something only handfuls of people will allow themselves to do.
  11. The most spectacular experiences come from living in long moments of the unknown, after you surrender to what you thought was impossible.
  12. Be who you are born to be, the same way humans have been for over 200,000 years.
  13. Shine your own light, and others of like mind find you as if by magic.
  14. Having fun at what you do is important. Clear-eyed consciousness is important.
  15. Please understand that we feel it would be silly for Soul Rider’s tribe to try and be all things to all people. We prefer to focus on what each of us are really, really great at, and then collaborate by contributing our own individual gifts for spectacular outcomes.

Great people in consciousness who had strong interest in supernormal things (psi) like remote viewing have included famous and fabled: novelists, artists, engineers, Nobel Prize winners, mothers, fathers, psychics, business executives, astrologers, teachers, filmmakers, healers, college and university professors, military personnel, physicists, patent holders, company founders, monks, priests, priestesses, friars, clairvoyants, spiritualists, anthropologists, and medical directors.

Please consider getting in touch with us to learn more about our remote viewing jobs, but also give us a complete, concise picture of your background? Whatever your profession or avocations, please be ready to send along your resume about them. Thank you!