remote viewers & dowsers

jobs for remote viewers at Soul Rider Fund making market predictionsThe Soul Rider LLC directs a high-minded, private financial market forecasting fund. The fund collaborates with the uncommon expertise and talents of high-minded remote viewing ‘all-stars’, dowsers and session judges who have world-class skills or experience. In making choices about the future outcomes of images unknown to the viewers, Soul Rider all-star remote viewers and dowsers have track records which surpass the usual 50% random-chance accuracy mark by 20% to 25%.

Remote viewers, dowsers and session judges can and do come from every sort of background you can imagine. Their occupations or avocations have included people who are novelists, journalists, military personnel, college fund raisers, international magazine photographers, an automotive dealer parts manager, company founders, mothers, fathers, professional language translators, computer coders, fine artists, elected officials, patent-holding physicists, and even a police commissioner. A few of these people were widely renowned, or even famous, in their own professions before they were remote viewers.

Do you already have your own experience as an excellent dowser, or remote viewer or independent sessions judge? Then please summarize your experience in a resume and send it along. We’re recruiting expert remote viewers and sessions judges now. The fund’s viewers, dowsers and judges are compensated for their professional services.

Our viewers, dowsers and judges work when they like, with agreements ranging from only one hour per week to 10, depending upon their preferences. They take time off from their activities to keep what they do fresh and fun. And nowadays we work together easily from anywhere on Earth.

Of course you could also refer your highly skilled friends to us.

Also, everyone’s motivations are especially important in the fields of consciousness. The high-minded Soul Rider LLC founded a private financial markets forecasting fund. The fund was begun to endow Soul Rider’s second, worldwide talk magazine broadcast, Casual Saints™, which will prefer not to accept ads or sponsorships. 

Please use this simple form below to reach out to us? Tell about your expertise and interests in being a Remote Viewer or Sessions Judge. If you’re an experienced viewer or sessions judge please let us know that. Be ready to send along a resume of your experience when we reply to you. Your replies are always kept confidential. Everyone who sends us something will hear back from us. Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you!

Not everyone is excellent at dowsing or remote viewing. But many of us found we’re way better at it them we’d ever imagined. And there are people who’ve never even thought about doing them who find that they’re actually very good at them. Extended consciousness is our birthright, although our cultural conditioning doesn’t often encourage it. More often, the opposite is true:  we come to believe that the only things which are true are those we are told should be true. But that’s absolutely an incorrect mindset and attitude to live fully in each moment.

You succeed at the spacious awareness of extended consciousness by forgetting about what you thought you knew, and instead living in the moment of what you actually experience. There are many thousands of years of strong traditions which teach this.

And the experience and application of nonlocal consciousness through Remote Viewing is an enlivening, often exhilarating, often peaceful but also deeply satisfying experience. With your realization that you are subtly but importantly connected to every one and every thing, your life changes and unfolds in especially wonderful ways.